Sola Pants Creme

Rp 429.000

– Celana palazo dengan gaya shopisticated dilengkapi variasi flap kantung depan dan menggunakan bahan bertekstur.
– Bentuk celana yang lebar, sehingga aman digunakan untuk kalangan modestwear.
– Aksen lipatan yang dijahit pada bagian bawah celana juga memberikan kesan rapi.
– Celana palazo ini juga mudah dipadu-padankan dengan fashion item lainnya.

Palazo pants with a sophisticated style, equipped with a variety of front pocket flaps and use a textured material. The shape of the pants is wide, so it is safe to use for modestwear circles. The accent folds stitched at the bottom of the pants also give a neat and preppy impression. These palazo pants are also easy to mix and match with other fashion items.

Noted : if the colour of product in the display screen has different with original product, it can be the setting of your display screen or due to camera flash.

Care Instructions :

Cold Water Handwash
Do Not Bleach
Iron Low Heat
Dry Flat